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A world of food awaits!

The Adventures Of Bread Man is a food based action RPG where players explore a beautiful world full of food.

Lost, broken and in pain the lone warrior Breadman wanders the world in search of truth.

Along your adventure, Breadman has to rely on his wit and ingenuity to survive.

Breadman has to use his weapon and food mastery to help him along his journey.

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Discover Vast Mystical Worlds

Explore the vast food filled landscape of Kutoroka any way you like. Travel by land, air or sea and uncover truths about Breadman and forge your own path...

Land, Air and Sea

The world of Kutoroka is massive and there are many methods to explore it. Breadman can travel the lands on horses and buggies, Traverse the sea's in his raft and soar in the skies in hot air ballons and airships.

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Cooking and Gathering

Breadman will need many resources to explore the world and he needs to cook tools and food to help him along his adventure.

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